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Katy, TX
I have been going to Dr. Harish for the last 10 years and for my Diabetes. He is very caring and gives advice on how to control my diabetes. He is very straight forward and looks at all treatment aspects.
Sugar Land, TX
I switched over to Dr. Harish Thakkar as my primary care physician because a few people recommended him. I was having back pain for two years and my previous Doctor told me on a few occasions to take pain medication and I should be good to go. Last year the pain was getting worse and making it hard for me to walk. Dr. Thakkar took the time to listen to my issue, did a comprehensive check and also ordered an MRI. There a few issues and with the medication, referral, and physical therapy, I am doing much better. I wish if I would have known about Dr. Thakkar earlier and not struggle through two year of unnecessary pain, fatigue, and suffering. I would recommend Dr. Thakkar to my family and friends. The difference I saw was that he took the time to listen but do the necessary steps to get to the root of the problem
M. Daniel
Sugar Land, TX
Dr. Thakkar took time to talk and work with me on my health issues and diabetes. His comprehensive diabetes treatment approach is good. Diabetes is under control and doing much better after following Dr. Thakkar. I have been coming to Southwest Medical clinic for years and tell my family to come and see him.
P. D.
I have been Dr. Thakkar’s patient for more than 20 years continuously and my feedback is based on the services I have received from the doctor. First, I am alive and able to write this testimony is because of his ability to detect blockages in my arteries when everyone has given me clean bill of health including Nuclear Imaging that was done prior to my heart surgery. MY wife who is a certified medical professional is so glad that Dr. Thakkar remained persistent in his diagnosis and did not waver. She and my grown- up children still cannot believe how lucky and fortunate I was to have this primary care provider. Second, in this day and age where primary care providers are in a hurry and gives you no more than five minutes, Dr. Thakkar makes sure he has spent enough time to answer all your questions to your satisfaction. He does not believe in “next patient” type of practice. This comes to him naturally because he truly believes in providing the best health care for his patients. Now, this does create some issue with keeping up with the given appointment time. In balance – this waiting is worth the services he provides. I work full time and therefore know value of time. But I would rather get treated by someone who keeps up the appointment but does not answers your questions and is in a hurry to see the next patient. Third, Dr. Thakkar does not solely depend on the “Lab Test results” alone to treat you. He looks at the lab results and analyses these results to your specific case and then provides the next option for your treatment. In today’s environment when everything is measured and diagnosed by lab “ranges” high and Low values, I find this practice of immense value In summary I intend to be his patient until my last breath.